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Deco Wood Decoration LLC was found in 2006 and was first started as a Ceiling & Partition Contracting. Us our work and experience progress through the years, we have shortly added interior decoration. With our experience Engineers and trained staff, we are able to fulfill projects that are high in quality and standards. The demand for our work is kept on growing, that we have decided to expand. After intensive planning and full review, we finally establish a complete interior design solution namely DWD.
DWD is your one-stop solution for your interior design, project management, and renovation service. Our 12 years experience based on our work with famous clients separate us from other company. Our projects include boutique, salon shop, restaurant, offices, residential and commercial towers. We have set our commitment in delivering ongoing value to all our clients, their consultants and the communities in which we operate. In addition, we also provide concept to completion services and irrespective of the size or scope of your project, we will be your strategic project partner to assist, advise, guide, consult and help you make the best decisions and ensure that your project requirements are delivered on time and on budget. It is this approach that has earned Deco Wood Decoration LLC pride of place in the fit-out industry. Achieving the agreed time, cost and quality parameters is a given – our focus is on delivering more.
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