Wood Material for Accent Design

Wood Material for Accent Design

Wood is undoubtedly a good accent for spaces. For instance is brings warmth and organic elegance throughout the room. This accent wall in the bedroom is a great way to bring in both visual and textural contrast. Most importantly, without altering the existing style or color scheme of the space.

Taking the white and wood look into the bedroom, the walls and carpentry are left in white to complement and contrast the wood flooring. Further, the gray colors of the headboard and comforters creates a harmony throughout the room elements.

We have different types of wall cladding that is suitable for you. For example, hardwood, laminated or vinyl.

1. Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is made from one single piece of hardwood cut from a tree of your choice. Most commonly, you’ll find floors made from oak, cherry, or walnut, but there are several additional solid wood options to choose from.

Generally, planks are three-quarters of an inch thick, but width can vary. The standard width is between three and five inches, and most retailers will call this a “medium” or “standard” plank. Another popular style is wide planks which measure in at between five and ten inches. Most importantly, this will look beautiful in living spaces throughout the home.

2. Engineered Wood

Engineered hardwood is a more affordable alternative to solid hardwood. Made by combining a top layer of genuine hardwood with multiple layers of ply plank that run in different directions beneath. However, they look like solid hardwood but have better resistance to moisture.

Engineered hardwood is a good choice in areas of your home where you might be concerned about true hardwood warping due to high humidity levels, like in a damp basement. Additionally, as engineered hardwood floors use less expensive solid wood, they are typically a more cost-effective option.

What do you think of this bedroom?

wood design for bedroom
This headboard gives the room a warmth feeling.

With our professional services, we will help you design your home. Likewise, we want to achieve the space and functional aesthetics suit for you.

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