Upholstery Works in Dubai

Upholstery Works in Dubai

Upholstery Works | A perfect design is combined with comfort and a choice of configurations to match your home.

A sofa is classically the vital furniture piece in a living or a family room. Each type of sofa requires a diverse technique of repair. If you are searching for an outstanding sofa upholstery works in Dubai, we are the professionals.

We specialize in the specialized dining room, wall as well as sofa upholstery. While your furniture is of good quality but has seen better days, upholstery is the perfect solution. Furniture upholstering is the ideal way to revive a much-loved dining chair or armchair without compromising on the comfort as well as the style of the original design.

At Deco Wood Decoration we specialize in the manufacture and installation. We custom designed furniture and sofa works for your Home Interiors across UAE. We always aim at total customer satisfaction. Our wealth of experience and highly skilled staff together. With an unrivaled range of options make us the first choice. Above all, we provide a cost-effective service to accomplish your Home Interior Furniture needs.


Upholstery Design

You can give us a call anytime! We can deliver it to your home ready made and assure you that we follow the guidelines of physical distancing to avoid contact and ensure the well being of our clients and employees.

For inquiries, contact us through:
Mobile: +971545277996
Email: idecowood@gmail.com

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