new home in dubai

Thank you so much Deco Wood Decoration for your work on our new home, and more recently the nursery for the new member of our family.

I fear, had Deco Wood not become involved when you did, our house would not have reflected our personalities and lifestyle as much as it does. It also probably would have looked bland and boring and a lot like a display home. Nice on the surface, but you probably don’t want to live there permanently. They combined my ideas and vision with their expertise and experience, to come up with a beautifully designed space. Deco Wood considered not only what the space was going to look like, but also how it was going to be used. Throughout the entire design and construction process their attention to detail was second to none.

Instead, we have a home that looks unique, finished, gets lots of compliments from everyone. I am extremely happy with the service provided by Deco Wood Decoration, and with the way our space turned out.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to renovate a commercial or retail space.

More importantly, can accommodate groups of toddlers without damage to anything! Amazing!

Thank you Deco Wood..