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Salon Remodel in Dubai

salon remodel and new image for your salon business. Have you considered upgrading your salon, expanding or even moving into a new space, but wondered if now is the right time? This might be the best time to start planning an image upgrade and a salon remodel. Many things have changed in the way we […]

Salon Renovation in Dubai

contemporary salon design dubai

Are you looking for salon renovation service in Dubai? Or perhaps, you are still weighing the risk and benefit of investing in a makeover for your hair & beauty salon? Salon renovation involves considerable organizational effort as well as significant financial investment. Here are some considerations that should help you to evaluate if it is […]

Moodboard for Visualization

Moodboard design dubai

Moodboard | We love the neutral colors such as white, beige, and browns with a combination of gray tones because it perfectly combines with warm tones to give the space harmony and an incredibly pleasant expressive atmosphere. The mood board is intentionally casual. This will let the designer start with broad strokes and get feedback. […]