The Deco Wood Decoration LLC Quality Management System complies with AS/NZS ISO 9001 and is accredited by DLCS certification services. In addition to regular external surveillance assessments, internal assessments are carried out with respect to both the maintenance of the management system and of the projects. All new staff are inducted to the Deco Wood Quality Management System through a compulsory in-house seminar and have access to the manual via the intranet. The Quality Management System provides guidance and instruction to all staff in the process and procedure to be adopted while carrying out their work.

Deco Wood Decoration aims to:

be client focused, develop a thorough understanding of the Client and deliver the highest achievable level of professional service
continuously improve its design product by engaging in a rigorous design process
build effective relationships with employees, clients, user groups, consultants and contractors
satisfy the professional development needs of our staff
produce well detailed, clear and concise documentation
where so engaged to administer contracts thoroughly and effectively
have sound financial management and maintain a continuously profitable business
maintain accreditation for AS/NZS ISO 9001 which is complimented by OH&S Policy in accordance with OH&S AS/ NZS 4801-2001 and relevant state OH&S Act.
Deco Wood has the following systems in place to ensure that our aims are being met:

client reviews
individual staff and team reviews
monthly management reports
Management System reviews
The Quality Management System requires the preparation of specific project plans to ensure that the process is planned to deliver a quality product. In addition, regular internal reviews are conducted by Project Directors which are critical for maintaining our commitment to design excellence. All projects from EOI stage to final completion are required to implement the BS system to manage the programme and the deliverables.

Deco Wood have also developed ProjectSmart which is an in-house database for systematic document control. The system was designed and adopted successfully for use on the Federation Square project. ProjectSmart, has since been used on several projects where the client has not requested the use of a web based system.

Deco Wood has developed a specialised project briefing tool called Space Smart to complement the Project Smart System. This Microsoft Access database application is integral to the development and generation of:

Schedules of Accommodation
Functional Briefing Information
Deco Wood has recently added the sophisticated data base software package, Codebook, to our suite of IT drawing and management processes. Codebook provides drawing and room data sheet linked capability, as well as significant scope for data reporting and analysis.

Our quality system has proven successful in the delivery of many large complex projects on time and on budget.

In order to ensure Safety in Design the Deco Wood process aims to:

identify risks
assess the risk
minimise the risk
communicate and implement the design solution and
Throughout the process the team will conduct workshops and work closely with the client, stakeholders and sub-consultants as part of the risk management strategy. This collaborative approach will draw from the experience and knowledge of all parties and by establishing these workshops early in the process to identify potential risks, the design will be developed on a sound foundation. Once the risks have been identified an assessment of the risks will be made, to establish the likelihood of the occurrence and the possible consequences of the risk.

During the design process the various design options will be assessed to identify design solutions so that where risks can not be eliminated they are minimised and these solutions will be communicated and implemented during the contract documentation process.