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Wooden Pergola in Dubai

Wooden pergola can work as the key element in creating your outdoor living space. They produce shade, style, elegance and functional space. Certainly, they are extremely versatile and the perfect way to set apart entertainment area from the rest of the yard.

From the smallest pergola to the most impressive gazebo, we will design the perfect pergola to elevate your space. Above all, while meeting your specific requirements and personal tastes.

We have different types of Wooden Pergola:
  • Ipe is a tropical hardwood that lasts well even in salty coastal conditions. It weathers to a silvery-brown and can be stained or left natural.
  • Redwood is another attractive and long-lasting choice. Certainly, it has a natural wood color.
  • Cedar is similar to all-heart redwood in that it withstands the elements effectively. However, the main difference is that cedar weathers quickly to a grayish color, while redwood retains its reddish-brown color a little longer. Cedar takes paint and stain particularly well.
  • Pressure-treated wood is unattractive but cheap and long-lasting. It’s treated with a copper-based pesticide which repels insects and rot. But, the treatment leaves little indentations along the surface of the wood which are visible even after painting or staining.
  • Douglas fir is another inexpensive wood choice. However, this type of wood does not last for a long time. Keep it maintained by painting regularly, inspecting for signs of insect damage or rot.

Certainly, Deco Wood Decoration is highly experienced and ready to work closely with clients. In addition, we also make it a point to use the latest technologies and high quality materials in the construction of our pergolas. Definitely, ensuring that not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and long lasting. In addition, we believe in open-communication to better understand our clients’ needs.