Moodboard for Visualization

Moodboard for Visualization

Moodboard | We love the neutral colors such as white, beige, and browns with a combination of gray tones because it perfectly combines with warm tones to give the space harmony and an incredibly pleasant expressive atmosphere.

The mood board is intentionally casual. This will let the designer start with broad strokes and get feedback. Above all, we don’t want too much time invested in the wrong direction. Further, think of it as rapid visual prototyping.

How do I create one?

The first thing you should do is evaluate the project and pick the mood board style that will work best. There are many different ways to present a mood board. The direction you choose will be based on the time allotted, personal work habits and most importantly your client’s personality.

Style 1: Loose Collage

Firstly, dealing with clients who are big thinkers will not pay attention on details too much. There is a big chance they will love this part of the process. Therefore, it won’t require refined mood boards. A loose collage will work just fine to convey the type of look and feel you are going for.

Style 2: Refined Template

If your client has not worked with many designers or marketing people, or if they are extremely detail-oriented, you may want to take a more formal approach. In this style, a template is created to showcase the different elements.

What do you think of this moodboard?


Creating this vision board allows us to help you visualize what you want to see. With our professional services, we will help you choose the appropriate materials for your space.

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