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Beauty Salon | Turnkey Project in Dubai

beauty salon renovation

Pretty Lilly |Best Beauty Salon | Al Warqa, Dubai We made a sleek beauty salon design that would fit our clients budget. It made the space look more spacious and gives it a clean minimalist look. So many considerations go into what makes a salon interior design “great”. First and foremost, it must match your […]

Design for Restuarants

Quality design design for restaurant

Best Restaurant Interior design in restaurants Restaurant Interior design is not only an aesthetically beautiful view of the room. Its main goal is to provide the convenience of being in the room of people. We love the neutral colors paired with popping colors. For instance, mustard yellow and navy blue to balance the whole space […]

Bedroom Design Tips

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Bedroom Design Tips For Your Home Our bedroom is more than just a space where we sleep, it should help us reduce stress and increase the chances of relaxation. It is a sanctuary for us, a safe haven. We rounded up a few tips for decorating and designing your bedroom. We, at Deco Wood Decoration […]