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Creating a Light and Airy Environment In Your Home

Redesigning your kitchen is one of the most sizable investments you are likely to make in your family home. But it’s also one of the most important given that it’s one of the most used spaces for your family to spend time together.

The key to an enjoyable kitchen is its functionality. But before you dive in head first and plan your layout think very carefully about exactly how you’ll want to use the space.

Consider too how to distinguish between social and cooking areas and the way in which artificial and natural lighting will work to make it easy to whip up dinner but sit and enjoy each other’s company.

Natural lighting

If it’s natural daylight that you’d like to maximize into your new family kitchen there are at least a few ways to go about this.

A great way to extend your kitchen dining space is to build a small conservatory on the side. Alternatively, for seamless direct glazing, glass curtain walling from floor to ceiling could be utilized vertically allowing for abundant levels of natural light to flood into your kitchen space.

Solving energy reduction regulations

Previously, large bespoke glass living spaces have been difficult to construct due to energy reduction regulations.

Inevitably the room size will have a large bearing on your kitchen’s layout. But these bespoke aluminium glazing ideas can make even the narrowest kitchens appear more attractive and enjoyable to spend time in.

Central islands

If space does allow, opting for a central island within your kitchen area is the perfect way to not only incorporate some useful worktop space for food prep, but also a potential breakfast bar area and space where family and guests can sit and chat or your kids can do their homework while dinner is being prepared.

A roof light can also transform areas above central islands, discretely allowing in natural daylight with the minimum amount of visible frame; ideal for food prep areas. Roof lights can be installed directly into a stepped up-stand, which is built with a subtle slope to allow for water run-off.

Utilizing narrow floor space

For family kitchens where space is likely to be at a premium, creating that sociable kitchen-cum-living space is somewhat more challenging.

Nevertheless, it’s still very much achievable if you are careful with the spatial design. By limiting cabinets and cupboards to just one side of a narrow kitchen it’s then possible to free up space on the opposite side of the room to house a family dining table.

Aside from cabinets and cupboards, the use of storage solutions such as pantries, carousels, pull-out larders and deep drawers can also maximize every inch of floor space in your new-look kitchen.

There’s a well-known saying: “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. When you have a family the kitchen is where countless special memories are made, shared over family dinners; where your kids discuss their school day over an afternoon snack; and where friends share a bottle of wine and a gossip.

Using clever design, stylish furnishings and glazed living spaces it’s possible to create a welcoming kitchen area for relaxing with the family and entertaining friends.