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Create the Right Ambience For Your Cafe

Creating the right ambience for your cafe is an essential part of determining the success of your cafe. Most popular modern cafe are based on some type of theme or concept, it is also fair to assume that popularity could also be an attribute to the intangible quality known as “ambience” or the interior. So how do you create the prefect ambience for your cafe?

Music plays a fundamental part in setting the right ambience for your cafe. It is the key element to setting the right mood.

In public places, music plays the important role of creating a personal, private space around customers, allowing them to relax and chit-chat without feeling the presence of other diners, customers or staff. This type of ambience is definitely important in cafes. You want your customers to feel secure, de-stress and unwind in your cafe.

Are your customers sitting comfortably?

Furnitures can determine if customers will stay or go. How to make sure that customers are comfortable and will keep coming back to you shop? Set the right furnishings. Offering your customers a variety of seating, is one of the key elements to attract customers. It is also essential when creating certain moods; chaos and sofas create an ambience of relaxation.

Turnkey Solutions for Restaurant Fit-Outs
Turnkey Solutions for Restaurant Fit-Outs

Develop the right floor plan

When developing the floor plan, the one cardinal rule that should never be broken is that passing customers should have a clean sight of your display, menu board and most importantly, your interior. Your interior should exhibit a well-thought-out and cosy atmosphere where customers seem relax. If passerby see this ambience, it will definitely attract them to go inside.

Be critical of your ambience because forest impressions really do count. If there is one threat immediately tells your customers everything about what you do, and what you stand for, it’s your ambience.


Our team’s objective is to create a space that promotes calmness, gives off an earthy feel and rustic impression. We decided to go for color green as the accent color to promote relaxation, peace and freshness. We also incoporated patterned flooring and rustic brick walls for harmony.

Turnkey Solutions for Restaurant Fit-Outs
exterior renovation

If you want an ambience that attracts customers, Deco Wood Decoration is here for you to help you set the right mood and atmosphere of your cafe. Filli Select Cafe is just one of the cafes that we designed. When you are ready to give your shop a new look, contact us!