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High Level Design

The High level Design phase is essential in the preliminary stages of any software development project, and is used to document and guarantee that the technical and detailed user requirements continue to align with the overall project objectives and goals.

Our focus at the beginning of any multi-project development is to create a detailed and concise overview of the entire system that identifies the size, scope, related workflows and risk factors of the project. Our IT and Business team will engage all necessary stakeholders to develop the required amount of high-level documentation describing:

  • The current state and necessary changes required for all products, services, systems and platforms
  • Architecture diagrams of related components and networks
  • Data workflows of component systems
  • Required end-users and stakeholders

Technical Design

As the software development process advances, one or multiple iterations of a strong technical design will be required depending on the phase of the project. The PARC project team will work to establish an initial technical design to estimate the cost of the project from a hardware and software development perspective, before revising the documentation to create the technical design.

Application Development

PARC is in the business of designing, building, maintaining and re-engineering IT solutions to address our client’s unique and evolving needs. Our team of experienced developers and consultants utilize innovative and emerging technologies and development methods, ensuring that our applications are built with security, redundancy, efficiency, and sophistication in mind.

Our Application Development practices include:

  • Utilizing codebase technologies such as Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, Java and JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and RoR, Python, HTML5
  • Embracing AGILE lifecycle and development processes, Scrum, Velocity Tracking, and Feature-Driven-Development
  • Using either dedicated environments within our datacenter for offside Development and Testing, or following in-place development guidelines within the client operation(s)

User Testing

At PARC, we focus on the critical success factors of any project, based on the needs defined by our clients. Our team is experienced at gaining a thorough understanding. Certainly, of the functional and non-functional requirements and in building an effective testing strategy.

Deco Wood testers work with business analysts and SME’s to develop test strategies and plans. In addition, and to verify and validate them against the requirements. Certainly, our analysis approach ensures appropriate testing activities, in a comprehensive quality assurance methodology that trace test cases to requirements.

In addition, our testers are responsible for ensuring that the final solution meets the defined solution requirements. With our best-practices quality standards, and that risk of defects or non-conformance are understood and minimized. We document the full spectrum of requirements in the form of acceptance criteria driven by the business, and certify that these criteria are reflected in our test strategies, test plans, test scripts, and issue management methodology.

Implementation Planning

Implementation Planning is crucial to the success of any solution delivery project. PARC Systems will work with our clients to conduct a full assessment of organizational readiness. If the solution being implemented is to enhance or replace an existing solution, we provide guidance during the transition period. Moreover, we will help you migrate information between the legacy and the new system. In addition, our facilitators will conduct training that enables your users and stakeholders to effectively work with the new system. Certainly, develop the additional capabilities required to support this critical transition and to embrace change.

We will work with your project team to partition the project into phased releases. Therefore, functional components of the solution are available to the business in a timely manner.

Release Management

PARC’s project team will help facilitate which release iteration of a project will include specified requirements. Our team will provide guidance as to all the factors in release management. Definitely, including the project budget, date-driven needs, resource constraints, training schedules, and organizational change readiness. We aim to ensure that your organization and its stakeholders understand the consequences of the planned schedule of releases. Further, it will identify the capabilities of the new solution that will deliver the greatest business value.

Post Implementation Transition

During the last phase of the application development process, our project delivery team works closely with your IT Operations team. Certainly, to perform a knowledge transfer of the newly released application. Providing the required level of support will help to certify that each new application runs smoothly.


High Level Design